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Thursday afternoons


The History Group archive upstairs at High Chapel is open to visitors from 2 to 4pm on Thursday afternoons from now until the end of the year but please note that we do not open in January. The History Group can still be contacted with family history enquiries etc while we are not open if you leave a message on the form on this website – your comment will be moderated, it may be edited for reasons of space, and your email address will not be shown to other website users. There are message forms at the bottom of the About the Group, Family History, and Gifts to the Archive pages.


  1. I’d like to come and chat with you next Thursday afternoon, I will be bringing my father’s family photo album. There are some photos of my Grandad who worked at Hunter Dixon’s in Newbiggin.
    My Maternal Grandfather farmed at the Moss until he retired to Whin Cottage in Newbiggin.

    • Hello Kenneth – we’ll be very pleased to see you on Thursday afternoon – any time between 2pm and 4pm. Thanks for contacting us.

  2. Had a grand afternoon with you, thank you for your hospitality. I’ll dig some of the digitized photos from the album I brought with me today. Give it a few weeks.

    • It was good to meet you Ken and to hear about your family’s time in Newbiggin-on-Lune – and to see that wonderful album. We’ll be in touch about the St Oswald’s burial records too. It was quite a hectic afternoon – sometimes it’s like that with several visitors at once but I think we just about coped! We look forward to receiving some digital copies of some of the photos for our Archive. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello I am former evacuee into the village of Ravenstonedale in Sept.1939.Do you have any contact with other evacees which you may know were in the village? If so is it possible to put me in contact with them. I would value your help with this search.
    My name is Joan Lidgate and my maiden name was Eltringham.
    I was billited at the Post Office which was the house ajacent to High Chapel.

    • Hello Joan, good to hear from you. As it happens, we have a History Group meeting tonight so I will pass on your request. We’ll also check our archive for information about any other evacuees we have. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as we can – it may not be immediately as we are rather focussed on our commemoration of 1914-18 in the Parish at the moment!

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