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We have heard a fascinating story from Russell Pugh, a descendant of the Milners of Long Gill (just over the Parish border into Orton), who lives in New Zealand (see his Comment below). We have been trying to find out where the three Milner brothers who emigrated to Australia in 1849 (who included Russell’s great-grandfather) would have received their schooling, as the shipping records of the day recorded that all of them could read and write. The nearest school to Long Gill, Long Dale, did not open until 1875. It is possible that they attended the Dame School at Raisbeck so we are looking into this on Russell’s behalf. Meanwhile he has sent us this photograph of the compass given to Ralph Milner, one of the brothers, when he returned briefly to Bowderdale in 1875 to visit his cousin Ralph Preston.  The inscription reads: Ralph Milner, from Cousin R Preston 15 Sept 1875.


We were particularly pleased to hear again recently from Sue Mastel who runs the Adamthwaite Archive and the Ravenstonedale DNA Project. If anyone with Ravenstonedale ancestry has already taken a DNA test or is thinking of doing so, she would like to hear from them and hopefully include their results in her project.

There are currently 38 members, who between them have 18 sets of yDNA and 28 sets of autosomal DNA (some people have done both tests!) – the surnames represented are shown on this page of the Ravenstonedale DNA Project website.

There are also links on the LINKS page of the Ravenstonedale DNA Project website to as many one-name study sites as Sue could find that cover surnames that appear in Ravenstonedale Parish registers.

Since the Parish History Group began in 2010 we have received many enquiries from people interested in tracing their ancestors who lived in or near the Parish, and if a surname appears in our list below, it indicates that someone has contacted the Group researching that name, and that we have exchanged information with them.

A     Adamthwaite (see above)   Airey   Alderson   Akrigg   Atkinson

B     Barnfather   Beck   Birtle   Blades   Bland   Bousfield   Braithwaite   Bradberry   Brown   Brunskill   Buck

C     Campbell   Capstick   Carver   Chamberlain   Chapelhow  Clayton   Clemey   Close   Constantine   Coupland

D     Davies   Dawes   Dawson   Dent

E     Ewin

F     Fawcett   Ffinch   Fothergill

G     Gibson   Guy

H     Handley   Hayton   Hewetson   Hind   Hodgson   Hunter

K     Kidd   Kirkbride

L      Lawson

M     Manning     Mee     Metcalfe     Metcalfe-Gibson   Murray   Murthwaite

P     Parkinson   Potter

R     Raine   Robinson   Rogerson   Roper

S      Stubbs   Swinbank

T      Taylor   Thompson   Turner

   Walmsley   Wharton   Wilson



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