Ravenstonedale Parish History Group

Talks Programme 2018-2019

19th September 2018: Cattle Droving Through Cumbria – Peter Roebuck.

17th October 2018: No Labour, No Food, No War – Richard Preston. In the Hall at Newbiggin-on-Lune.

Please note we are not holding our usual October exhibition in High Chapel Community and Heritage Centre this year, as we have been asked to join with the Friends of St Oswald’s who are putting on an evening event – From Westmorland to the Western Front – in St Oswald’s Church, Ravenstonedale on Friday 9th November to mark the centenary of the signing of the Armistice on 11the November 1918 which ended fighting vetween the Allies and Germany. Our exhibition about life in the Parish during the Great War will remain in the Church during the weekend afterwards, and will then move to High Chapel for Val’s talk on 21st November.

21st November 2018: From the Western Front to Westmorland – soldiers from the Parish in the Great War – Val Fermer.

12th December 2018: Members and Friends – Christmas get-together

16th January 2019: Wartime Farming in the Howgills – Hilary Wilson.

20th February 2019: Changes in Newbiggin-on-Lune over the past 300 years – Les Neal. This talk will take place in the Hall in Newbiggin-on-Lune.

20th March 2019: Shorthorn Cattle – Steve Fermer.


Last season we enjoyed:

20th September 2017 – Aspects of Life in Ravenstonedale c.1905-1920, seen through the picture postcard album of Lizzie Fothergill of Wray Green – Ian Carradice.

18th October 2017 – The Story of the Westmorland Motorway Services – John Dunning. This talk took place in the Hall at Newbiggin-on-Lune – the first time that we have held a talk in this part of the Parish.

15th November 2017 – Inside a Lakeland Farmhouse – Andy Lowe.

13th December 2017 – Members and friends –  Christmas get-together.

17th January 2018 – Val Fermer’s talk this season will be about Parish Hostelries, past and present. Our second talk in Newbiggin-on-Lune Village Hall.

21st February 2018 – Edward Jeffrey 1898-1978 – An Artist in Ravenstonedale – Jackie Wedd

21st March 2018 – Statesmen, Messuages and Tenements in Ravenstonedale Town – the changes over the last three to four hundred years – Les Neal.

and in 2016-2017:

21st September 2016 – A Ravenstonedale Entrepreneur – Val Fermer

19th October 2016 – Ambleside Child Survivors of the Holocaust – Trevor Avery

16th November 2016 – Westmorland Maps – Dave Williams

7th December 2016 – Christmas Get-together

18th January 2017 – The Fortune Hunters – From Ravenstonedale to Manchester and beyond – Val Fermer

15th February 2017 – Over Shap by Track, Road and Rail – Jean Scott-Smith

5th April 2017 – Packhorse Days and Packhorse Ways – Janet Niepokojczycka.

and in 2015-2016: 

16th September 2015 – Facts and Phantoms in Upper Eden – Susan Garnett

21st October 2015 – Vikings in Cumbria – Sheena Grant

18th November 2015 – Markets to Supermarkets: 200 years of shopping – Dr M Winstanley. Unfortunately the speaker was unable to come due to the bad weather but Caroline Morris kindly volunteered at very short notice to show some old photos of the Parish and gave a fascinating talk. Thank you Caroline!

9th December 2015 – Christmas get-together

20th January 2016 – ‘The Scarborough Inheritance’ – Where there’s a Will There’s a History – Val Fermer

17th February 2016 – Recent Treasures from Cumbria – Ian Carradice

16th March 2016 – Mardale, a Lost Lakeland Community – Jean Scott-Smith

13th April 2016 – Markets to Supermarkets: 200 Years of Shopping – Dr M Winstanley (rescheduled from November 2015)

and in 2014-2015

17th September 2014 – A Woman’s Place in 17th Century Upper Eden by Margaret Gowling

15th October 2014 – Black Settlers in Cumberland by Susan Dench

19th November 2014 – The History of Kirkby Stephen Silver Band by Richard Arrowsmith

10th December 2014 – Members and Friends Christmas Get-together

21st January 2015 – Ravenstonedale Retailers: From Fells to Fine Furniture by Val Fermer

18th February 2015 – The Origin of Place-Names in Cumbria by Jean Scott-Smith

18th March 2015 – Lakeland Architecture by Andy Lowe